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MN & ASSOCIATES, an expert in accounting and financial reporting, provides its clients with the accounting services required in a business. The experienced and qualified professionals of our accounting team can provide all of the accounting services required for any business.

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Through financial reports, business owners will know whether their business is profitable or not. Their necessity is so important that companies are required by law to submit financial reports on the financial status of their business.  The financial statements of businesses are required to be prepared in accordance with the International Financial Reporting Standards. In Cyprus, Article 141 of the Cyprus Companies Law 113, states all companies must prepare and keep proper books and accounts. Furthermore, transactions must be supported by sales and purchase invoices and bank statements. MN&ASSOCIATES  , an expert in accounting and financial reporting, provides its clients with the accounting services required in a business.

Accounting, being a powerful financial tool, should not only comply with accepted accounting standards and with the requirements of the law, but should be tailored to meet the specific needs of the company. It is imperative to understand the nature of the client’s business in order to provide them with a tailored accounting system.  Different types of businesses have varying needs for accounting services. The inventory monitoring, for example, of a company engaged in selling goods is greater than that of a company providing services.

Accounting does not stop in the recording of the transactions. The main purpose of accounting is to interpret and analyse financial records so as to make financial decisions concerning the company.

Hence, the accounting system of a company should reflect the true and accurate situation of the company. Inefficient income computation, recording, and documentation could make a company liable to unwanted taxes, surcharges and penalties imposed by the government.

MN&ASSOCIATES  provides clients with professional financial advice and a complete outline of the accounting sector in Cyprus by informing about the laws governing taxation, accounting, and auditing in Cyprus that may in any way affect your company.  KGS Accounting & Finance Ltd. does not only provide accounting services for companies but also to individuals.  The accounting services of  MN&ASSOCIATES includes preparation of financial statements, reconciliation of accounts receivables and payables, issuance of sales invoices and debt collection, preparation of annual, quarterly, and monthly management reports, maintenance of statutory records and books, tax computations, and an accounting software that is suitable for a company.