MN & Associates skilled professionals warrant they are able to provide their clients with an accurate payroll that has exceptional customer service which simultaneously is not time consuming and costly.

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Employees are those that keep the company running. No business exists without human resources to perform the day to day tasks of organizations. MN&ASSOCIATES  , aside from its proficiency in accounting and tax planning, can provide a company with reliable payroll services.

Due to the importance of a company’s human capital, employees are protected by legislation. Laws protecting labour continually change and thus MN&ASSOCIATES  is constantly updated about the introduction of new laws to avoid violation of Cypriot laws and undertakes a company’s payroll services, which include computation of employees’ deductions, social insurance and other related costs.

MN&ASSOCIATES  provides its clients with the most comprehensive payroll services to cater to their need as well as the satisfaction of your employees.  Payroll may be calculated based on a monthly or weekly basis. MN&ASSOCIATES  provides the following payroll services:

  • Training and recruitment
  • Registration of business as an employer to the proper Government authorities
  • Maintenance of a detailed employee records
  • Accurate computation of employee’s salaries  based on their various salary brackets
  • A convenient and effective payment method
  • Computation and preparation of Income Tax Returns
  • Manage employer concerns with the Social Security
  • Preparation of payslips with breakdown of salary, deductions and allowances and incentives or commission if applicable
  • Provide advice on employee contracts and employer-employee relationship concerns
  • Provide advice and update on legislation affecting labour
  • Payroll software with a reliable back up
  • Preparation of Payroll related reports

The enumerated payroll services are not exclusive. A business may request added services that are more suitable to the nature of its transactions. MN&ASSOCIATES  offers other services on a per request basis according to the requirements of the business.