Feasibility Studies

MN & Associates are able to capably and skilfully provide its client with a feasibility study which constitutes a detailed evaluation and analysis of an already existing business or proposed business venture.

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This study objectively attempts to reveal the strengths and weak points of an existing business or potential project, the current opportunities or threats in the environment, the resources that are needed to overcome obstacles and obviously whether a business will be successful. The two main factors that are taken into consideration when evaluating and analysing are the costs required and estimated profit.

MN and Associates’ expert team of financial advisors and legal partners provide unbiased feasibility studies based on a number of essential factors. The team evaluates the history of the business, provides a detailed analysis of the product or service provided, offers complete financial data and accounting statements, supplies details concerning the management operations, research, policies and the legal obligations that are required including tax requirements.

The aim of MN and Associates is to provide their clientele with a study that assesses the existing or prospect business’ probability for success. Therefore, they conduct the feasibility study using an objective approach and taking into account a multiplicity of factors, so as to provide credible information which decision can be based on to consequently achieve success.