Individual Bank Account

MN & Associates can provide their client with their Account, Swift and Iban numbers in one day. The firm aims to cater to their clients’ needs and thus are able to open individual bank accounts and organise the documentation required swiftly and efficiently.

Open your Cyprus Personal Bank Account

The procedures for opening a personal Cyprus bank account are simple and fast concerning Non-European residents. All of the Cyprus Banks cater personal bank accounts and efficient and high quality banking services and MN and Associates undertakes the responsibility to open its client a Personal Bank Account.

The advantages of a Personal Account in Cyprus are that primarily it can be opened in one day. That means MN and Associates can provide their client with their Account, Swift and Iban numbers in one day. Secondly, the physical presence of the client is not necessary. MN and Associates can facilitate their client by opening their account via email or fax. Thirdly, the bank does not place restrictions or terms concerning minimum initial instalments and there are no restrictions on the amount of funds transferred in and out of the clients account. Also, the client may choose which currency suits them at no extra charge or cost.That is, the client can open a bank account in any international currency they wish (Euro, Dollar, Canadian Dollar, Australian Dollar, British Pound, Japanese Yen, Swiss Franc). Moreover, it is important to note that banks in Cyprus maintain incredibly low bank charges. Finally, all banks in Cyprus offer Internet Banking which allows clients to manage their account and banking wherever they are located.

What documentation is required for MN and Associates to successfully open Personal Bank Accounts?

  • Current account, Deposit account or Escrow account
  • A copy of the client’s passport picture page
  • A Utility Bill(electricity or water bill) in English or translated in English
  • Answer to the ‘Due Diligence’ we send you, in order to supply your contact details
  • Inform us of the facilities you need concerning your personal account, such as Internet Banking