Cyprus Company Registration

MN & Associates efficiently assists its clientele by completing the required documents, advising them on suitable company names, and overall undertakes the entire procedure needed to register a company in Cyprus.

Register your Cyprus Company

Cyprus offers a variety of benefits for investors all over the world, whether you are a Cypriot or a foreign citizen. Aside from the tax benefits, founding a company in Cyprus is uncomplicated and more importantly cost effective.

The registration process is the same for any type of business that an investor may establish in Cyprus. The initial step is to submit the name of the intended company to the Registry of Companies. The proposed company name should not be similar to any existing or previously registered company so as not to create confusion to the public and should not contain any negative connotation. Moreover, the company name should always end with the word “limited.”The word “limited” represents the extent of the liability of the stockholders of a company. The said stockholders cannot be made liable to corporate creditors in an amount more than the shares they own.

The required documents for registration are then sent to Registry of Companies. These include the Memorandum and Articles of Association and such other documents as may be required by the Registry of Companies.

The Memorandum and Articles of Association must be signed by the stockholders and verified by a member of the Cyprus Bar Association. Actual physical presence of the owners is not required in the registration of a company in Cyprus.  The process can be done through an authorised representative. MN & Associates undertakes in representing its clientele concerning its registry.

Aside from the fact that the Companies Law only requires at least one director, a company may also opt to appoint nominee directors or a nominee secretary.  The appointed nominees could facilitate the company’s registration, represent the company and promote the best interests of the company in Cyprus.  By choosing to have nominees, beneficial owners of the company could maintain their anonymity.