Cyprus Shelf Company

MN & ASSOCIATES is an established and experienced team of professionals that enables its clients in setting up a Cyprus Shelf Company by undergoing all the necessary procedures needed and advising its clientele every step of the way.

Get your Cyprus Shelf Company

Cyprus is the jurisdiction that creates great opportunities to both new investors and for those more experienced in the industry. In Cyprus, if the need to form a company urgently, then investors have the opportunity to set up a Cyprus Shelf Company. A Shelf Company is a company that has complied with all the requirements of the Cypriot law for incorporation. Legally wise, it is an existing corporation but which has been reserved and has not commenced operations. MN&ASSOCIATES   offers it clientele a manifold of pre-registered and pre-approved companies to immediately address the business needs.

A Shelf Company is recognized as an essential business strategy and is also referred to as a Blank Check Company. A Shelf Company has no existing assets and liabilities since it has not started its operations. It is incorporated for the sole purpose of making it available for sale at a future time. It greatly achieves this purpose by being readily available especially to those who need to close and settle a future-defining deal. There are clients who are more confident in dealing with a corporation rather than with an unknown individual. Having a Shelf Company enables more efficient transactions. It is the most time-efficient way of owning a company and getting a business running.

By establishing a Cyprus Shelf Company, businesses do not waste time on documents and other requirements that need to be submitted during incorporation. Documents that were submitted during the registration, such as the Memorandum of Incorporation and Articles of Association and the Certificate of Incorporation are securely kept for utilization.

It already has active and pre-appointed directors, shareholders and company secretary. Corporate officers may be appointed once the transfer of ownership has taken place.  Furthermore, it would be easier to open bank accounts and establish business relationship compared to a newly established company. An already established Shelf Company refers to a company that has been registered a few years back; hence, it is more reliable and credit-worthy than a newly incorporated one. Acquiring a VAT number will also be easier once the Shelf Company has started its operations.

MN&ASSOCIATES   assists is clients in establishing a Cyprus Shelf Company. In order to meet the needs of a business, the company name may later on be changed to suit the nature of its transactions. The Shelf Companies that provided also obtain general purpose as stated in the Memorandum of Incorporation.

MN&ASSOCIATES   provides its clients with pre-approved corporate names if they decide not to acquire a Shelf Company. The said corporate names will reflect the nature of the business the client transacts in. MN&ASSOCIATES   also offers its services in founding a business. Choosing a Shelf Company will be a major business decision; MN&ASSOCIATES    is an established and experienced team of professionals that enables its clients in setting up a Cyprus Shelf Company.