Family Law

MN & Associates team of highly professional lawyers provides the best and well defined advice on family law, always having their client’s interests and well-being in mind.

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The Family Court

The Family Court offers the best forum and platform to address family law issues like separation, divorce, spouses’ cohabitation, matrimonial relations and children affairs. This is because these courts offer the best mechanisms and procedures of dealing with family problems. This is because family law is quite sensitive and needs to be handled professionally to prevent emotional damage to the involved parties. The most destructive part about family cases is that they involve people who love each other. As such, there is a possibility of the involved parties’ feelings getting hurt in the event of a separation or divorce.


Divorce is the most common aspect in family law. Lawyers get all sorts of questions that concern divorce and separations. In the event that a divorce is filed at a family court, the MN and Associates team of lawyers informs its client of their rights and obligations as well as those of his/her partner during the period before and after divorce. This is inclusive of what to do and what not to do before and after the divorce is settled.

The Matrimonial Home

In deciding who will use the matrimonial home before and after divorce, the Court puts into account each spouse’s special circumstances as well as the children’s welfare. This aims at ensuring that the welfare and interests of the children are maintained at their best in settling the divorce petition.

Family law mainly covers legal concerns in a marriage especially when there is a possibility of a divorce on the way. The best thing about this law is that it oversees the smooth execution of a divorce or separation such that both parties benefit equally from the settlement. It is usually all about ensuring that there is fairness especially in sharing obligations and responsibilities after a divorce. In the event that there are children involved, family law also provides for their future security.

This is done through defining child support and custody. What’s more important is that the law also helps in defining the roles of each parent towards the upbringing of the children. Normally, in the event of a divorce both parents are required to contribute towards the children’s upbringing unless otherwise stated.

Domestic violence has become quite widespread even in Cyprus. However, there is acquittal in that family law protects and upholds the rights of the victims of this violence. It serves as a form of protection from physical and emotional abuse that victims of domestic violence undergo. The law gives restraining orders to people who threaten the safety and security of an individual and his/her children. The law provides Protection for Abuse to people whose lives are under threat from their family or spouses.

Cyprus Family Law has been very significant in the protection of families especially those of children. This has gone a long way in securing the future and security of families.