Services we Provide

Once an appropriate property has been selected and our client decides to proceed with its acquisition, MN & Associates team of professionals take on the entire procedure, from drafting the Sale of Contract until the Ownership Deed.

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MN and Associates constitutes of a team lawyers, accountants and financial advisors who collaborate with government offices and banks, in order to facilitate the client in acquiring the property. The skilled professionals embark on the work needed while guiding and informing the client along the way. The experienced firm caters legal, financial or technical matters needed in purchasing a property in Cyprus.

Services include:

  • Assembling any legal contracts or written agreements needed to purchase the property like the Contract of Sale or Deed of Deposit and Reservation
  • Stamp Duty payments at the local Tax Office
  • Registration Costs and submission of Contract of Sale at the Land Registry Office
  • Transfer of Title of Property
  • Deposits or instalments to Vendor
  • Banking and Financing services like Opening Accounts
  • Deed of Ownership