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MN & Associates cooperate with external partners, such as Real Estate experts, so as to facilitate their clients when purchasing property in Cyprus. Several of the firm’s services include finding the most suitable property, engaging in negotiations and drawing up contracts needed.

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The flourishing island of Cyprus, located in the Eastern part of the Mediterranean Sea, offers easy access to Europe, Asia and Africa, which ideal location has accommodated and assisted business transactions since becoming a member of the European Union in 2004. It is the third largest island in the Mediterranean area and has a growing population of approximately 850,000 people. In 1960, Cyprus obtained its independence from the British, and since then the Republic of Cyprus has been continuously developing in terms of economy and infrastructure yet succeeding in preserving its traditions. Signs of the island’s rich history are still evident today in the islands distinct architecture and deeply rooted customs and traditions. Although the people of Cyprus are known as being educated modern professionals, they still maintain their Cypriot culture and are renowned for their hospitality and simplicity.

The island of Cyprus is famed for being a unique and distinctive country so naturally, it is a wonderful place to live. The island is generally characterised as combining diversified yet picturesque types of scenery and cities. From the Troodos Mountains, which are filled with magnificent pine trees, situated in the centre of the island, to the busy and crowded streets of Nicosia, the capital city, you are able to purchase the ideal property in Cyprus, all in dazzling locations.

The majority of people settle in Cyprus for the sandy beaches, crystal blue waters and sunny days all year round. The main cities in Cyprus, Nicosia, Larnaca, Paphos and Limassol are all viewed as charismatic, historic and wonderful due to the architecture of the buildings, the vivid culture and beautiful landscape, either at the coast or on the mountains. Whether you decide to purchase property near vineyards, busy city centres, ancient monasteries, on the seaside or castle ruins Cyprus is, without a doubt one of the most beautiful countries in the entire world!

Further, Cyprus is not only known as a beautiful exotic island, but also as the ideal location to have a family and raise children. The criminality rate in Cyprus is incredibly low. It is still a country where you can leave your doors unlocked all day long and children can play safely in the road. In addition, the education level and development rate is exactly the opposite. Schools in Cyprus are considered as being amongst the best and most advanced in Europe, which equip the youth with the suitable knowledge and skills they will face in their adulthood. Also, concerning the islands fast development, the island has progressed at an astounding rate in terms of technology, industry, banking, health and education, yet the locals although modern and advanced still preserve their customs.

Further, in practice, Cyprus is considered as the best country to purchase property because of the great benefits offered to buyers. First of all, Cyprus offers excellent return on investment. Secondly, when purchasing a property the buyer, company or corporate obtains tax benefits. Also, the Land Registry Office in Cyprus offers property holders security of Title deeds. Finally, the Republic of Cyprus grants Non-European citizens EU passport or Permanent Residency Permits with the acquisition of property. Finally and most importantly, property prices in Cyprus are incredibly low.

The islands natural beauty, no matter where you choose to live in combination with the great climate, safety and rapid development are all significant factors that contribute when making the decision to purchase property in Cyprus. Cyprus is viewed as a small paradise, why not live there?